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The Amazing Mr. Christopher (is Five!)

Oh sweet Christopher, Happy 5th Birthday dude! 5 years sure went fast. My Ben 10 obsessed, imaginative, silly, kindle playing, swimming-lesson-loving, show watching, (sometimes) thoroughly irritated by everything, bath bomb loving, 5 year old. This year has been a big one for you! First off you are our FIRST official pre-schooler. You’re learning the ropes at “William’s school” as you… Read more →

My Baby is Three!?!

  How can this be, my baby is 3. What. The. Heck. Andrew you are the cutest, naughtiest, most boisterous 3 year old. Let’s start with the cute shall we? You have the silliest laugh, and you laugh often. Those blue eyes have a spark of trouble. You are a bubble chasing, thumbs up giving, high fiving, tricycle riding extraordinaire.… Read more →

The littlest is 2!

  Andrew James Baxter. My blue-eyed boy. What a joy you are to have in our family. 2 years has sure flown by! You will always be our littlest, but this year you seem to have gotten so big! I am convinced that my arms were on purpose made the exact length to comfortably hold your 2-year-old hand. What a… Read more →

6 Trips Around the Sun

  On this 18th of March we once again celebrate the baby who made us a Mom and Dad. Happy 6th birthday to THE William! This was a big year for our biggest boy. Kindergarten has been a big learning experience for us all. You proved what we already knew and started kindergarten with the test scores they were hoping… Read more →

Happy 2nd Birthday Goo!!

Dear Goo, Hard to believe at 2 years old we’re still calling you “Goo”. I guess when your big brother gives you a nickname at daycare and it catches on, you just roll with it. It’s a good thing you’re so easy-going. Rolling with the punches usually comes pretty easy for you. You did awesome becoming a big brother this… Read more →

Family of 5!

So last Tuesday I drove myself to the hospital and had a baby. Jason came along for the ride as he has on both of our previous baby-having excursions, but we decided it makes for a better story if I can say that I drove myself. Baby Baxter #3 was scheduled to arrive via c-section at Noon. Monday night we… Read more →

Happy 4th to my William!

Dear William, 4 years old. How did that happen? I was getting you dressed and realized how you’ve stretched from “toddler” into “big boy” seemingly in the last month. You are an excellent bigbrother to Christopher (most of the time) and you’re SO excited about becoming a big brother once again. This time you are big enough to ask all sorts of questions,… Read more →

Who’s turning ONE? Christopher!

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to YOU! Happy Birthday Dear Chris-to-pher! Happy Birthday to YOU! Describe the temperament of your child: Mellow. Smiley. That pretty much sums up your first year. Smiles so big your eyes squint shut as you grin from ear to ear. I tell people you’ve been the type of baby who could make anyone like babies.… Read more →