The littlest is 2!


Andrew James Baxter. My blue-eyed boy. What a joy you are to have in our family. 2 years has sure flown by! You will always be our littlest, but this year you seem to have gotten so big! I am convinced that my arms were on purpose made the exact length to comfortably hold your 2-year-old hand. What a sweetie. You give the cutest hugs and kisses (“MMWwaaah”). You’re a mommy’s boy. Obsessed with socks, walks, and going outside. You babble and are stringing together pairs of words. “My cup” (I hand you your cup, you give me a little shove) “K, Go away”. I know it isn’t too motivating to learn to talk when you have everyone in the house trained to understand your wishes. Must be something about the 3rd brother that can run so fast and fall so hard but still get up laughing. We hold our breath for the tears, and are met with a smile instead. You idolize your two older brothers. William is your buddy and you wish for all the world that Christopher would just play with you. Perhaps this will be the year you are big enough that he sees you as a playmate instead of a nuisance.

You are so fond of your stuffed animals. More than your brothers have ever been. Every night we have the same routine. You want to rock (preferably with mama), we read a book and chit-chat for a few minutes. When it is time to get in bed you make a little pillow nest for your head and then arrange your stuffed animals lovingly just so. I tuck all of you in and tell you I love you. It is quiet for a few minutes before you spend the next 15-30 minutes yelling “mooommmeee!!” at the top of your lungs. I usually just tell you “goodnight Andrew” every so often. Sometimes I check in once or twice before all is quiet for the night. Such a silly bedtime routine. (And maddenning, it’s good we love you so much!!)

We’re looking forward to all the growing you will do this year. Summer fun with your brothers and lots of new experiences together. Hopefully we survive the terrible 2’s (and 3’s) one last time. Happy Birthday little buddy! We love you!


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