Christopher (aka Captain Underpants) is 4!

Oh Christopher. I have not forgotten your birthday blog, actually I’ve been thinking about it a lot. Each day as I try to capture in my mind’s eye how best to remember 4 year old you.

Firstly you give the BEST hugs–unlike your brothers you offer them up and seek them out, exclaiming “It’s hug time!”. I love hug time. You also make the goofiest faces. We have so many fun photos capturing the silly photo faces of Christopher. You keep us smiling all the time. When getting dressed at the beginning or end of the day you like to proudly proclaim “I’m Captain Underpants” while proudly showing off your duds. Speaking of underpants, potty training finally happened. Better late than never, and you’re SO proud of your Star Wars underwear!

You are the messiest eater I have ever witnessed. It will be a wonder if any of your clothes make it down to your little brother unstained. You can take 2 Cheetos (your favorite) and smear them from ear to ear and down the front of your shirt. You are a lazy morning riser, which might prove to be a challenge when you start preschool in the fall. Nights however are a different story, no matter the bedtime you can easily spend 30 minutes (usually more) just chattering with yourself, playing pretend and telling stories to yourself in the dark. You might be the night owl of the bunch. Also you have the sweetest 4 year old voice. I wish I could bottle it up and save it forever! Your current obsessions are collecting all of the Ben 10 Aliens and asking when we can start swimming lessons. You’re going to learn so much in this next year. I can’t wait to see what 4-year-old you has in store!


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