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Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy!

Well then. We have a small announcement to make. We’re having another BOY!! William is going to have a little brother! I am over-the-moon excited. More excited than Jason I think. We had our 20 week ultrasound and everything looked good. We didn’t get any good pictures this time because the little bugger is uncooperative (already), and insisted on being… Read more →

Dear Blog

Dear Blog, I have been neglecting you. I apologize. Since we last spoke, we took a trip to WI to visit the family. While there, William learned to crawl (at 6mos), cut his 2nd tooth (sorry I may have forgotten to tell you he got his first tooth September 12th), and made friends with my parents’ dog. He was a good traveller… Read more →


Once again I’ve been a slacker in the blog-writing department. Almost a month since my last post! The biggest news from this past month is that Jason finally caved in to my demands and we built a fence between our yard and our neighbors to the north. The house to the north is a rental house, and for the first… Read more →