Perpetual Fall

Salt Lake valley weather has been lame this winter. We had a sprinkling of snow on Christmas and then went right back into what seems like perpetual fall. Snowfall has been abysmal and I’m sure the skiers are less than pleased. This week (the 3rd week in January) was the first time all winter we had enough snow for the… Read more →

Merry Christmas 2017

Season’s Greetings from the Baxters! This year William (5 ½) started kindergarten, and I learned how to correctly spell kindergarten. He is in a dual-immersion program (English/Spanish) and seems to be enjoying it. It won’t be long before he knows more Spanish than all of us (he already knows more than Jason).  Academically he’s doing great and socially/emotionally he’s your… Read more →

I am the Magic of Christmas

“I am the magic of Christmas”. This has been my mantra the last couple of holiday seasons. I’m sure a lot of my mom-friends will understand. Everyone talks about the magic of the holiday season–you know–Christmas lights, hot cocoa by the fire, matching Christmas PJ’s blah blah blah. Well, you know who makes that sh*t happen? Me. The magic is… Read more →

Then we Drove to WI

So plane tickets were TOO expensive this summer, and we got a killer deal on a 10-day minivan rental ($455) so we decided to throw all sanity to the wind and drive 20 hours across the country with the three boys. Turns out, all of the boys travel better than I do (more on that later). We got a killer… Read more →

An Ode to Summer

Ah, Summer. It’s certainly in full-swing here in Utah. We’ve had a stretch of 100 degree temps and aside from the brief thundershower last night, it hasn’t rained in weeks. With the warmer weather we’ve been busy busy busy (compared to normally…where I would only use two “busys” to describe our busy-ness). Since I last wrote we’ve had a series… Read more →

Christopher is THREE!

Mr. Christopher has turned THREE! He is my joker, maker of funny faces, and maker of big messes! A few of my favorite Christopher phrases: “A little help here?” “Who’s gonna snuggle us?” and “Can I have a hug?” He is William’s best play-buddy, even though he almost always happens to be on the losing side of William’s made-up games.… Read more →