Mostly September

We have not recently visited a 3rd world country, so I believe the odds of William having some sort of a tapeworm to be rather low. I do believe however, the odds of him being in a growth spurt right now are pretty good. Right now this kid is in an eating phase and I’m glad he can now pour… Read more →

The Dog Days are Over

So then summer happened. Last I wrote, it was (almost) Saturday at 7am and the weary band of travelers was headed East to the great state of WI rocking a rented minivan and enough Dramamine to choke a horse–at least that’s sort of how it went down. Turns out I had a bad case of anxiety (I’m going to blame… Read more →

We Be Summer’in

This post must be written, and it must be written today. Summer doesn’t slow down enough for creative writing, and we’re right in the thick of it. Next week is the 4th of July, and then we pick up a rental minivan and rock that wagon all the way to WI and back. When we get back it will be… Read more →

Sneaking this into May

These last 6 weeks have flown by! My last day at work was May 3rd, and the entire last month was nuts-o-crazy-o trying to get everything in order before my last day. I was intending to stay on-call, but my boss had other ideas. I guess I must be a trouble-maker! So I’ve been adjusting to staying at home. I’ve… Read more →

Hey Kids, I Quit My Job

It’s been a minute. Writing birthday blogs kept me busy in March. Now Andrew is officially 2 and William is officially 6. Christopher’s birthday is the last of the bunch coming up on April 24th. Our house is very busy and noisy these days with a 2, 4, and 6 year old. I am so thankful the weather is warming… Read more →

The littlest is 2!

  Andrew James Baxter. My blue-eyed boy. What a joy you are to have in our family. 2 years has sure flown by! You will always be our littlest, but this year you seem to have gotten so big! I am convinced that my arms were on purpose made the exact length to comfortably hold your 2-year-old hand. What a… Read more →

6 Trips Around the Sun

  On this 18th of March we once again celebrate the baby who made us a Mom and Dad. Happy 6th birthday to THE William! This was a big year for our biggest boy. Kindergarten has been a big learning experience for us all. You proved what we already knew and started kindergarten with the test scores they were hoping… Read more →

Perpetual Fall

Salt Lake valley weather has been lame this winter. We had a sprinkling of snow on Christmas and then went right back into what seems like perpetual fall. Snowfall has been abysmal and I’m sure the skiers are less than pleased. This week (the 3rd week in January) was the first time all winter we had enough snow for the… Read more →