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The Amazing Mr. Christopher (is Five!)

Oh sweet Christopher, Happy 5th Birthday dude! 5 years sure went fast. My Ben 10 obsessed, imaginative, silly, kindle playing, swimming-lesson-loving, show watching, (sometimes) thoroughly irritated by everything, bath bomb loving, 5 year old. This year has been a big one for you! First off you are our FIRST official pre-schooler. You’re learning the ropes at “William’s school” as you… Read more →

Happy 2nd Birthday Goo!!

Dear Goo, Hard to believe at 2 years old we’re still calling you “Goo”. I guess when your big brother gives you a nickname at daycare and it catches on, you just roll with it. It’s a good thing you’re so easy-going. Rolling with the punches usually comes pretty easy for you. You did awesome becoming a big brother this… Read more →

Who’s turning ONE? Christopher!

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to YOU! Happy Birthday Dear Chris-to-pher! Happy Birthday to YOU! Describe the temperament of your child: Mellow. Smiley. That pretty much sums up your first year. Smiles so big your eyes squint shut as you grin from ear to ear. I tell people you’ve been the type of baby who could make anyone like babies.… Read more →

Family of 4

It’s official. As of 4/24/2014 we became a family of 4! Christopher Quinn Baxter made his appearance via c-section at 1pm weighing 8lbs 15oz and measuring 20.5″ long. This c-section was scheduled, which in a lot of ways made things much simpler than last time, especially for someone like me who likes to plan well in advance. Not being induced… Read more →